Racconti di Canterbury, I

When I was your age I liked to give
"incense" to all the parish wives

Come on, Absalon, here we go
Alison, do you hear Absalon
singing under our window?

Yes John, I hear it all
The peasecod who
serves as a sacristan...

...and thinks only of decking
himself out and eyeing females?

The very one
They say he minds his words
and is squeamish about farting

Sleep. You must be weary
after your journey to Osney

Listen to Absalon,
gurgling like a nightingale

You're sure you haven't
seen our student all day?

Yes, I sent Jill to enquire at
the door, but there was no answer

Robin, let's go and see
Help us, Saint Frideswide