The Godfather

How long have you been back?
I've been back a year.
Longer than that, I think.
It's good to see you, Kay.
I'm working for my father now, Kay.
He's been sick. Very sick.
But you're not like him. You told me you
weren't going to become like your father.

My father is no different
than any other powerful man.

Any man who's responsible
for other people.

Like a senator or president.
- How naive you sound.
- Why?

They don't have men killed.
Who's being naive, Kay?
My father's way of doing things is over.
Even he knows that.

In five years the Corleone family
is going to be completely legitimate.

Trust me. That's all I can tell you
about my business. Kay...

Michael, why did you come here? Why?
What do you want with me after all
this time? I've been calling and writing.

I came because I need you.
I care for you.

- Please stop it, Michael.
- Because... I want you to marry me.

- It's too late.
- Please, Kay...

I'll do anything you ask to make up for
what's happened to us.