Ultimo tango a Parigi

Tough. Whore-fucker, bar-fighter.

And he was tough.
My mother was very...
Very poetic.
And also a drunk.
one of my memories, when I was a kid,
was of her being arrested nude.
We lived in this small town.
Farming community. We lived on a farm.
And I'd come home after school
and she'd be gone.
In jail... or something.
I used to...
I used to have to milk a cow
every morning and every night
and I liked that.

I remember...
one time I was all dressed up
to go out and take this girl
to a basketball game.

And I started to go out and my father
said, "You have to milk the cow."

I said, "Would you please milk it for me?"
And he said, "No, get your ass out there."
So I went out and I was in a hurry and
didn't have time to change my shoes.

And I had cowshit all over my shoes.
And on the way to the basketball game,
it smelled in the car.

I don't know.
I-l can't remember very many good things.
Not one?
Yeah. Some.