Une belle fille comme moi

Mrs. Bliss?
I'm Stanislas Previn
I assume they told you about me
You're the writer!
Well, no, not exactly
I'm writing a sociology thesis
What's that?
Sociology is the study of
social phenomena

I'm interested in you, what you did
and why

No shit! A novel about me?
Not exactly, it's more like a study
Let's have a voice test
The girl with the banjo
All naked in her rancho
She can never say no
The girl with the banjo!
Pretty good, huh?
Say, do books make big money?
I don't know, it's my first
Let's start from the beginning
My first question concerns your father's

Okay, I was nine, see?
I lived on a farm with my folks
Fucking bitch! Like your Ma!
Lousy tramp!
All whores except for my Ma... maybe