Une belle fille comme moi

So, the ladder...
I took it to wash the windows
How could I know Pa was up there?
They said I lied
So, like the papers wrote
that's how come I wasted my youth
in jail

So, this tragedy and
lack of understanding...

explain your adult life
and why you were accused of
another murder

Hey, got a butt?
No, thank you
What a jerk!
I'm not offering
I'm asking for a butt
A cigarette! Get it?
Oh, I see, excuse me
I don't smoke

So the connection between Pa's
accident and...

What they say I did this time
Like my lawyer says, if I'd had
a happy childhood

I won't be here today
He said it right out
That's what my lawyer says
Mrs. Bliss, did you really kill your father?
Tell me the truth
It was like this, see?
A fate-bet
A fate-bet! You know...
Whenever Pa juiced up
he'd kick my ass

I'd had it, know what I mean?
So, by taking away the ladder
I'm betting

If the old man sees his lift's gone