Une belle fille comme moi

It was always the same old crap
What vulgarity!
You'll change that?
No, we must respect her personality
File the tapes carefully
We may have to hear them again
Can we have dinner?
Thank you, Helen, but I have work to do
My aunt was happy to know
I'm working for you

That's nice

You're the one who visits Camilla?
They finally got her behind bars
But wait and see
She'll swipe them before she skips
You know Mrs. Bliss?
You bet! She's from my hometown
She's a handful, that one!
Guess who?
How's tricks?
Sorry, I didn't hear you
What is it?
I don't see no Madame here
For you
Camels! No shit! I'll take two
Take them all
That your book?
Real neat

Did you type it yourself?
No, a girl friend helps me
Tell me about her!
What's her name? I bet she's stacked
You know what, be a doll
Get me back my banjo!