Une belle fille comme moi

I wanna do it!
Drop dead!
I'm the boss
Stop the TV

Watch it angel, you're cracking up
Turn that off!
Try saying it in Spanish
My TV.! You crummy motherfucker!
I hate your guts!
You shithead! I'm splitting!
So I kept mum, very dignified
Like he'd not bust up my TV
Just walked out
Like the Queen of England
Real class!
You never considered a loyal talk
with Mr. Bliss?

I figured he could screw himself
He had a disgusting habit
He was always scratching his crotch
I couldn't stand it
So you thought of divorce
I thought of running to Sam Golden
The first guy I met with his name
in big lights

I figured if he made it
Why couldn't I?
You saw Mr. Golden as...
A superior being?
You bet!
I always respect people with big names
They know all about life, see?
Sam! I'm real glad you're here
Look, I'm in a big mess
Clovis got himself a gun, he's nuts!
I'm an ex-virgin and I'm scared!