Une belle fille comme moi

We have a possible equation
Between sex and music
Mrs. Bliss treasures her banjo
And if we consider
its suggestive contours

We have a sublimated penis envy
Lack of love! Sublimated penis
Isn't it all far-fetched?
Has it never occurred to you
that's she's just a tramp?

That is a very unscientific remark
The banjo is okay
But it doesn't mean Bliss will be
Exempted form work
My banjo!
It's off-key but never mind
Oh! Stanislas, that's real classy!
I've got a present too
For me?
No, for the Pope!
And knitted by Camomille
That's what Sam called me for fun
They're very nice
Hide them!
Through a musical career
You hoped to find the social approval
You craved for as a child
On the nose!
Okay where were we?
Ah, Clovis was in hospital, and me
Big hearted me, I brought him goodies