Une belle fille comme moi

You didn't divorce?
Divorce a slob with 27 fractures?
I got too much class!
Anyway, while he was laid up
I took care of my career
You started with Golden on a purely
professional basis

And love came later, right?
Trouble was...
Sam was so wild over me
I just couldn't keep his mind
On my career
The girl with the banjo
All naked in her rancho
She can never say no
Get off the air!
There's a law says only you can sing?
Guess what?
Forget it!
Tonight we go dancing
Dancing my ass! We ball right here!
I sure turn you on, don't I?
If not you, it's the guitar
Get your ass over here!
When are we going to rehearse?
You want a hit on the mouth? Out!
Who d'ya think you are?
Someone knocked
Open up
I'm working

If it's a broad for you
She'll get it in the ass!
Is Sam Golden in?
My husband is busy