This 23rd day of the month of brumaire
in the 28th year of Robespierre's Revolution,

the tribunal of the Sublime Brothers
is meeting here.

You, Fulvio,
Fulvio lmbriani, have been arrested
on the 7th of this month.

Your arrest appeared
to our Grand Master

like a sign of his own downfall.
Since that day, we have not heard from him.
Some people say that you have...
that you possibly have...

under torture,
revealed where he is hiding.
You are telling this to me?
To me who...
It must be the fever.
I will close my eyes,
and that nightmare will vanish.

don't be silly!
How dare you? I taught you everything you know!
You betrayed us.
What did you tell them?

Who spread that tale?
We are falling into the police's trap.
Tell these idiots!

It's me, Fulvio.
I don't believe you betrayed us.

Let's follow the trial's rules!
What trial?
Let him talk!