Did you look under the wisteria?
What wisteria?
Filippo used to spend hours there
all alone.
What is that?
I don't have my glasses.
Giovanna, come here.

Giovanna, read this.
- I?
- Read.

''To my Sublime brothers...
''I consider this year,
which end I will not see,

''and which is my forty-fifth,
''to have been negative overall
''and I have no idea how to
remedy that situation.

''I only have courage left...
''enough to end my days.
''I forgive no one
and ask forgiveness to no one.

''If ever there is a world different from ours,
peaceful and happy,

''what will be thought of all this?
''Probably what we ourselves think
about cannibals,

''and human sacrifices.
''Farewell. Filippo.''
This can't be Filippo.
It's not him. We are the same age
and this man is an old man.

Truly, that is him.
Eh you!
Please, just a moment.

Run and get the police.
No, don't run.
don't look at him.
You will always hate me
for having accused you.

don't go without having forgiven me!
Let's go!
Let's hide for a few days.