Electra Glide in Blue

I ain't leavin' the shade.
Except maybe for one thing.
There you go, honey.
Thank you.

What'll you have, sweetheart?
Put me down.
- Hi.
- Hi.

Did you know that me and Alan Ladd
were exactly the same height?

Right down to the quarter inch?
Did you know that?
It's just something you know, you know?
Like sometimes you read a lot
and you just remember a little bit?

Then there's sometimes
you read a little bit

and you remember a whole lot.
I remember one time
I heard somebody say,

"Do you know what was Alan Ladd
and William Bendix's first movie?"

And just like that,
I said The Blue Dahlia.

And I never even saw the movie.
But I bet five dollars and I won it.
Did you know that he was so short
that they used to have to dig a ditch

for the girls to stand in to kiss him?
You didn't know that, huh?
Let me have a couple boxes of popcorn,
two of those Whoppers,
four bags of those
sunflower fritees,

and give me one
of those giant Joy Colas.

What are you gonna get?
A fudge bar.
How about you?
I lost my interest.