Electra Glide in Blue

and it's just around the corner.
And the sooner we get
to dealing with it,

the sooner I get
to save your precious ass

from some nigger waiting
in the bushes ready to nail ya.

You want to be
a detective, Wintergreen?

What you need is a hook, my man.
And right now, I am your hook.
Let's eat, gentlemen.
Come and around me stand
All right, wait a second.
Hi, Willie.
Remember me?
John Wintergreen.

This is Harve Poole.
He's gonna help.
He's a detective.

See there?
Don't touch.
Don't touch the badge.

Willie, can you tell Harve
about when you came down
off of the Superstition Mountain?

And you went to the shack, remember?
Just that day,
I come off the Superstition.

And just that day,
I opened the door to the shack.

And that's when I saw him.
Who's got the Batman?
Who's got the Batman?

Who got the Batman, huh?
Who got the Batman?

How long were you up there, Willie?
How long were you up
on the mountain?

Two, three months, maybe.
Can you prove
you were up there that long?

I don't carry no time clock.
What in the hell he think
I go up there for?

All right, you came down
from the mountain,

you went to Frank's.
Is that your story, Willie?
I only got two friends in the world.
Frank and Superstition.