Electra Glide in Blue

Look at that moon.
Listen to that desert.
That desert's gonna help me
solve a murder.

Does that sound strange
to you, Wintergreen?

Well, there's college as education,
there's learning, there's knowledge,

and then... there's wisdom.
And that's what
old Harve has got... wisdom.

Wisdom is like religion.
What's your religion, Wintergreen?
Well, I don't go too much
with that Jesus and things like that,

but I do... I do kind of believe
a little bit in reincarnation.

My religion is myself.
When I talk to myself, I'm talking
to the whole world, Wintergreen.

And right now the whole world
is answering me.

Right inside that house
are the answers to a murder,

but you know where
I'm gonna find my answers?

Right inside here, Wintergreen.
Inside here.

A man's gotta listen to his inner voice.
It's a God-given gift.
And don't you forget it.

Well, let's go on inside
and see what's going on.

Wintergreen, I wanna make you
the best damn detective in Arizona.

We looking for the 5,000, Harve?