High Plains Drifter

Why do you think Bridges
and the Carlin brothers...

kept their mouths shut
all this time?

Same reason everybody else did
in this town.

One hangs, we all hang.
Now, you just grit your teeth
a little bit longer.

The gunfi ghter stays
till I say otherwise. You understand?

There it is, just like he said.
That stranger´s got everybody
turnin´ on everybody.

Being put out
in the middle ofthe night!

That man!
Right here. Folks, put your bags
right here in the wagon.

All right, folks.
Just put your bags in the wagon.

- What´s going on here?
- What the hell does it look like?

They´re emptying my whole hotel.
Throwing out payin´ guests,
right into the street...

just to make room
for our new guardian angel.

He likes to be by himself,
more or less.

You can see
who´s runnin´ our town now.

He´s sitting right over there,
Mr Belding.

Ifyou don´t like it...
why don´t you just go over there
and tell him he can´t?

someday soon someone´s going to step
on your scrawny neck, you lizard.

When they do, you´re going
to be nothing but--

See here...
you can´t turn all these people
out into the night.

It is inhuman, brother.

I´m not your brother.
We are all brothers
in the eyes of God.

All these people,
are they your sisters and brothers?

They most certainly are!
Then you won´t mind
ifthey stay at your place, will ya?

All right, folks, let´s go.
Put your bags here.