Les Aventures de Rabbi Jacob

If I don't answer,
she will track me down.

If I suspect the least...
- Is that you, Germaine?
- It's been 11 hours.

I have waited since yesterday.
Where were you last night?

Say that you will leave for
the weekend with a woman.

- Do you get it?
- No.

- I'll elope with a woman.
- A woman? You are crazy.

- Yes, I am crazy with her.
- What does she have that I don't?

She has large hairy hands,
large feet...

...that, and a large moustache.
- I hope that she believes you.
- I like her...

...because she doesn't rub herself
with all kinds of lotion...

...and wears no clamp bra.
She sings when she massages my back.

She finds me clever
and thinks that I am 1.80 meter.

- What's her name?
- What's her name?

Invent a name.
- Thérése Leduc.
- She is 65.

Yes, she has loved me for 30 years.
And lets me be in peace.

Did you see that?
I hung up this time.

I'm off to Orly Airport, my husband is there.
Tell my daughter.

- Piverts wedding?
- Yes, put it there.