Live and Let Die

Question is, what would Mr Big
want with a two-bit island diplomat?

Mr Big? Where the hell
does he fit into this mess?

A genuine Felix lighter. Illuminating.
Now listen, James,
Kananga's got a private plane and he's
leaving for San Monique within the hour.

- Get me on the next available flight.
- I already did.

I knew you wouldn't pass up a chance
to get away from where the real action is.

The legendary Baron Samedi, folks.
That's Saturday,
for those who speak French.

Voodoo god of cemeteries
and chief of the legion of the dead.

The man who cannot die.
But, for our purposes,

just a performer in a musical
extravaganza we've cooked up

for you wonderful people.
Good evening. The name's Bond.
I have a reservation.

Mr Bond. Of course.
Mrs Bond's been expecting you.

- Mrs Bond?
- She arrived earlier this afternoon.

Said she preferred
something a little more... private.

Bungalow 12.
An incurable romantic - Mrs Bond.