Mean Streets

Hey, Jimmy. Mook.
Okay, baby, just relax. Take it easy, okay?
You're supposed to be workin'.
Tony, give me a break. I've got a girl.
Yeah, go out and work.
Charlie, give him a break.
Close the door, George.
Okay. Before we take care of you.
There's somethin' I gotta show you.
Watch this.

Oh, hey!
Where did ya get this?
Look at the size of these guys!
Tony, you gotta be kiddin' me!
Look at this one. That's beautiful.
That panther. Where did you get this?

How many pounds of meat you feed him?
Keep quiet about this.
I don't have a license for him yet.

Where did you get him?
Nobody can go near him but me.
I'm the only one who can feed him.

-You got their claws taken out or what?
-What are ya doin'?

-You crazy or what?
-Be careful.

What are you, out of your mind, Tony?
What are ya doin', cowards?
No wonder Italy lost the war.

Here's Daddy, here's Daddy.
Tony, be careful.
I really wanted to get a tiger, Charlie.
Ol' William Blake and all that.