Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid

These gentlemen are very concerned
about the escape of William Bonney.

- A concern I'm sure you also share.
- He escaped from my jail.

This territory Is vast and primitive.
There Is money here, growing investments
and political interests.

We must protect these investments...
:36:30 that the area can continue
to prosper and grow.

- I believe you rode with the Kid, didn't you?
- I did.

- Then you must be aware of his moves.
- Well, I know Billy.

- And he ain't exactly predictable.
- Oh, come now, sheriff.

For a man who's half outlaw himself
and still smart enough...

:36:47 be elected sheriff by Chisum and
the big ranchers, I expect better than that.

Can you bring him in,
or should we look elsewhere?

Oh, I can bring him in.
If you and the big peckerheads don't mess
things up by starting another cattle war.

I assure you, Chisum and the others have
been advised to recognize their position.

And in this particular game,
there are only a few plays left.

I'd advise you to grab on to a winning hand
while you have a chance.

We're offering a reward of $1000
for the Kid's capture.

You can have 500 now.
Well, I aim to bring the Kid in.
But until I do...
...better take your $500
and shove it up your ass and set fire to it.