Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid

What the hell?
I thought you was in Lincoln.
- What the hell you doing?
- You get your ass over there, Gate.

Howdy, Cullen.
How do you do, yourself?
What are you doing
with that piece of sheep dip?

I'd like to blow his thieving head off
just for riding through my town.

I ain't paid nobody no never mind.
Been staying in my own good hole.

Fact Is, I'm thinking about
going to Texas.

Kid broke out.
Killed Ollinger and Bell.
I thought maybe Gate and some of the boys
might have a sign on him.

Well, I still want him for that train robbery
up at Springer.

Gate's been holed up outside of town here
with Black Harris and Sut Cole, that bunch.

Been meaning to roust them
out of here...

...but somehow or other
I just can't get around to it.

I don't know nothing about the boys,
I don't know nothing about the Kid.

Understand you've been riding for Chisum.
I'd rather be on the outside of the law...
...than packing a badge for that town of
Lincoln and them that's a-running it.

It's a job.
Comes an age in a man's life when...