Save the Tiger

... ten years of combat and more than
1,000 holes from enemy fire...

Patches, the ancient C-123...
used for spraying chemical defoliants
in Vietnam is being retired.

Patches will leave Saigon
and is destined for exhibition...

at the Air Force Museum at Wright-
Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.

The plane's last pilot,
Captain Orin Smith stated:

"We'll miss her. She was a tough old bird."
Preliminary reports on last night's tragedy...
at Glendale Boulevard indicate
a 16-foot section of the main gas line...

had been damaged in the recent tremor.
The structural weakening
in the three foot wide pipe...

had evidently escaped detection.
Eight bodies have been recovered
as of 2:00 a.m. Fires continue.

On the local weather scene...
we can expect temperatures
in the low to mid 70s.

The Los Angeles County Air Pollution
District reports heavy smog...

in the Basin today
with light eye irritation predicted.

Carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide
will be.30 parts per million.

The APCD again cautions against
strenuous activity for school children.

Now, let me show you something
for man's best friend.

Any dog will lick his chops
for Granny's Grenadine Beef.

- Why, it'll make your dog sit up and...
- Shit.

- You don't want any toast?
- Nada, nothing.