"See," l say,
"it never made any difference before..."

but she says, "Five...
"now it makes a difference."
I guess that's when l grew up...
because that was it.
I knew l had to go back,
see my kid, face Annie.

What about Annie?
I don't know.
That's what I’m gonna find out.

And I’m glad of it, too, because...
I’m headed for something.
- You know?
- Yeah.

And it's gonna be big. I can feel it.
'Cause I’m changing.
I wish Max was headed for something.
He is. Pittsburgh. With me.
Listen, Lion, Max is very practical,
but he's very dumb.

He's been putting money into that
stupid bank in Pittsburgh for years.

I don't see why it has to be Pittsburgh.
Why can't you open a car wash right here?

Maybe we could come back.
- Really?
- Sure.

Maybe we can come back from Pittsburgh.
I tell you, that Frenchy
is 160-weight of mean woman!

She did things l didn't think you could do
unless you were a snake. God almighty.

- I gotta admire her talent.
- Yeah. And patient.

I was so drunk, l kept falling off the bed.
She just reached down
and pulled me right back up again.

- That is something.
- Hell of a woman.