- Hey, what's this?
- Exactly what it says.

I'm splitting.
"Splitting." I never read
anything so stupid in my life.

"I'm leaving. Ifyou want to
discuss it, I'll be at Felix's."

I didn't feel like another
blood-and-guts scene.

I figured you wouldn't
be able to shout in here.

I can shout anywhere!
I won't shout.
Sit down, sit down.
It's just gonna go on
and on, Paco.

It isn't gonna
get any better.

And ifyou quit,
somehow I'll be blamed.

How could you leave
the man you love...

future father ofyour kids?
You never said anything
like that to me before.

And if I come back,
you won't say it again.

You want to be free
and unattached...

to go on fighting foryour cause
and keep torturing yourself.

My cause.
I felt so safe with you...
so loving.
Stay with me, Laurie.