"It's" Peeping Toms!
Starring Ted Craft.
And now, here's Ted!

Hello, everybody,
and welcome to "Peeping Toms,"

New York's newest
and grooviest game.

You have just seen
the first half...

of our real-life
candid situation.

Now, in one minute,
you will have to predict...

just what our unsuspecting
subject will do.

You folks there in the audience,
and those of you peeking in at home,

guess along with us, okay? All right.
Now, today, our Peeping Tom's
problem is, chivalry.

What does a fella do
when a pretty girl...

starts taking off all her clothes
right there in front of him?

A blind girl, that is.
Lovely young model
Danielle Breton...

agreed to be our decoy.
Now, Danielle
is not really blind,

but that's what we want
our male friend to think.

Okay, peepers,
look at the board.

You've got 20 seconds
to pick your answer.

"Well, look at that!"
Both of our contestants
have picked the same answer.

Let's see if they're right.
Oh, I am sorry, Pat and Fred,
but better luck next time.

- Right, audience?