Obviously once she'd
hidden the body she felt safe.

But it must be here

I can't believe
that this is serious.

He wrote "help"
on this window in his own blood.

And I watched him
write it.

- Here he write that?
- "Naturally she washed it off."

It's all so obvious.
This girl is protecting someone.

But the murderess
is someone this girl knows.

She was shorter
and had a twisted face...

and stringy hair and was having
a terrible fit of some kind.

- You know someone who would fit
that description, Miss Breton?
- No.

Good God! I saw the knife!
I saw her stab him!

Could somebody have gotten in here
without your knowledge?

It would be impossible.
I was here all morning.

What about the man
that stayed over?

I was quite alone.
You see, I'm-I'm divorced
from my husband, and still, uh...

Well, it's
very personal, you know.

But Miss Collier, many time at night
I watch the television show...

and I watch the horror film,
and it make me full of fear,

and-and I jump
at every noise.

I understand that when you live alone
it make you... It's very difficult.

I understand that.
What I saw happen
was real.

Mind if we have
a look around?

No, it's perfectly
all right.

Thank you, Miss Collier.
I know you're doing your best
to help the forces of justice,

but they will be better served
by your sitting down.

That body is
here somewhere,

and she knows it.
How many rooms do you
have, Miss Breton?

Well, uh, there is
the living room here,

and then the bathroom
and the kitchen

and then past
is the bedroom.

You mind if we see
the bathroom?

No. The bathroom
is here.