- to be making an informal
telephone survey...
- You just do hand signals.

If there's no one
up there,

I can charm the superintendent
into giving me a passkey.

- No, you've got to make
a wax impression.
- No one does that.

Go up to your apartment,
watch the front while I'm up there,

and if you see someone coming,
telephone the apartment.

- One ring. One ring and hang up.
- Well, what if...

- Does that answer your question?
- Yeah.

- But suppose that...
- Hey, have you ever been a detective?

- No.
- Have you?

No, but simple logic suggests
a way of doing things.

- I don't see that it can be
all that mysterious.
- Grace, this is a craft.

I wouldn't try to teach you how
to write magazine articles.

Listen, I went to school
to learn this...

The Brooklyn Institute
of Modern Investigation. Okay?

- Okay.
- Okay.

Now, you go on up to your apartment
and do what I told you. Go ahead.

I'll be here.
The boxes.