- What?
- You spent too much time with him.

- But I'm the one who turned him in.
- Let's get rid of her now.

- One less reprogramming job.
- She'll be fine after the brain treatment.

Our orders were to use our discretion.
I say destroy her.

- We're gonna have to swim for it.
- I can't swim.

- What do you mean, you can't swim?
- I mean I can't swim.

I can't swim either. Get on top of me.
- Come on, get on top of me.
- I don't wanna get wet.

- Hurry up. Paddle.
- I'm paddling.

Don't worry.
I was a lifeguard at Bloomingdale.

How could you? I hate you. I hate you.
Try not to get upset.
They wanna destroy me. Me!
The inflater.
Lean left. Left.
No. Lean left.
Use the inflater.
- What is it?
- It's a 200-year-old Volkswagen.

They really built these things.
Reg... "Register commies, not guns."
What's that mean?

- What?
- "Register commies, not guns."

He was probably in
the National Rifle Association.