Soylent Green

First stage removal.
Streets prohibited
to non-permits in one hour.

Streets prohibited
to non-permits in one hour.

This conversation with
Governor Henry C. Santini...

... is brought to you by
Soylent Red and Soylent Yellow...

... high-energy vegetable concentrates...
... and new, delicious Soylent Green...
... the miracle food
of high-energy plankton...

... gathered from
the oceans of the world.

Because of its enormous popularity,
Soylent Green is in short supply.

Remember, Tuesday is
Soylent Green Day.

And now, Governor Santini.
Thank you, Richard. Thank you.
It's a pleasure to be able to talk
to the people of the city of New York.

What did you dig up
in those cases I gave you?

Out of your jurisdiction,
across the city line in Philadelphia.

Chergov, murder.
Went home yesterday.
Donaldson, multiple rape.
Has a record in the Bronx.
Can be extradited.
Get him the hell out of Manhattan.
What about Zolitnikoff?
Well, give me time, will you?