The Exorcist

I sure do love you.
.Good morning.
.Good morning, Mrs. MacNeil.

.How are you today?
.Fine, thank you.

It's okay, I've got it. Thanks.
.Good morning, madam.
.Good morning, Karl.

Oh, Karl, we've got rats in the attic.
You'd better get some traps.

I'm afraid so.
But the attic is clean.
All right, then, we've got clean rats.
.No rats.
.I just heard them, Karl.

Maybe plumbing.
Yeah, or maybe rats.
Now, will you just get the traps?

Yes, I go now.
.Don't go now. The stores aren't open yet.
.I'll go see.

They're closed!
In the group over here,
I need a couple ofpriests, a nun....

That's exactly what we want.
Is this scene really essential? Would you
just consider if we can do without it?

Look at this damn thing.
It just doesn't make sense.

It's plain. You're a teacher of the college.
You don't want the building torn down.

.I can read, for Christ's sake!
.Well, what's wrong?

Well, why are they tearing
the building down?