The Exorcist

Don't be silly. Of course not.
Where did you ever get an idea like that?
But you like him.
Of course I like him. I like pizzas too,
but I'm not going to marry one.

You don't like him like Daddy?
Regan, I love your daddy.
I'll always love your daddy, honey.
Burke just comes around here a lot

...well, he's lonely.
He don't got nothing to do!

Well, I heard differently.
Oh, you did? What did you hear?
I don't know. I just thought.
Well, you didn't think so good.
How do you know?
Because Burke and I are just friends.
Okay? Really.

Are you ready for sleep?
Good night, honey.
It's my mother, Tom.
She's alone and I never
should have left her.

At least in New York, I'd be near her.
I'd be close to her.

I could see about a transfer, Damien.
I need reassignment, Tom. I want out
of this job. It's wrong, it's no good.

You're the best we've got.
Am I really?
It's more than psychiatry,
and you know that, Tom.

Some of their problems
come down to their faith...

...their vocation, the meaning of their lives,
and I can't cut it any more.

I need out. I'm unfit.
I think I've lost my faith, Tom.