The Exorcist

Yes, this is Mrs. MacNeil.
Operator, you have got to be kidding!
I have been on this line for 20 minutes!
Jesus Christ! Can you believe this?
He doesn't even call his daughter
on her birthday!

Maybe the circuit is busy.
Circuit, my ass! He doesn't give a shit!
.Why don't you let me..
.No, I've got it, Sharon. It's all right.

Don't tell me there's no answer.
It's the Hotel Excelsior in Rome!

Would you try it again, please,
and let it ring?

Hello? Yes.
No, Operator,
I've given you the number four times!

Do you take an illiteracy test
to get that job, for Christ's sake?

Don't tell me to be calm, goddamn it!
You're kidding me!
I thought I just went to bed.
What are we doing, Scene 61?
Just remind Flo about that blue belt.
What are you doing here?
My bed was shaking.
I can't get to sleep.