The Exorcist

What are you talking about,
for Christ's sake?

Did you see her or not?
She's acting like she's fucking
out of her mind!

Psychotic, like a split personality, or....
There haven't been more
than 100 authentic cases...

...of so.called "split personality,"
Mrs. MacNeil.

Now, I know the temptation is
to leap to psychiatry...

...but any reasonable psychiatrist would
exhaust the somatic possibilities first.

So, what's next?
A pneumoencephalogram,
I would think, to pin down that lesion.

It will involve another spinal.
Oh, Christ!
What we missed in the EEG
and the arteriograms...

...could conceivably turn up there.
At least it would eliminate
certain other possibilities.

Dr. Tanney says the X.rays are negative.
In other words: normal.
Do you keep any drugs in your house?
No, of course not. Nothing like that.
Are you sure?
Of course, I'm sure.
I'd tell you.
Christ, I don't even smoke grass.
Are you planning to be home soon?
I mean to L.A.
No, l....
I'm building a new house.
My old one has been sold.