And you could draw fast?
Then maybe it doesn't matter after all.
The guns they give you are real guns?
Real guns.
That's incredible.
Give us a shift to 197...
...and take it down to Port 43.
Negative acceleration at 22.
So long as you maintain
passenger comfort.

Sigma-sigma was transferred
according to the log at 041.

The orientation on the resort
will now begin.

Please put on your earphones.
Don't you want to listen?
I heard it the last time.
...consists of three separate resort areas,
each with its own special appeal.

Whichever resort you have chosen...
...we are sure you will have
a fascinating and rewarding stay here.

Western World is a complete re-creation
of the American frontier of 1880.

Here it is possible to relive the excitement
and stresses of pioneer life to the fullest.

Western World is a life of lawless violence,
a society of guns and action.

This is Medieval World, where we have
reconstructed 13th-century Europe.

A world of chivalry and combat,
romance and excitement.

Our teams of engineers have spared
no expense in this re-creation...

...precise to the smallest detail.
Then we have Roman World:
A lusty treat for the senses in the setting
of delightful, decadent Pompeii.

Here the traveler experiences the sensual,
relaxed morality that existed at the peak...

...of the Imperial Roman Empire.
All together,
these resorts comprise Delos...

...the most exciting vacation spot
in the history of man.

This is Delos Control to Station 3.
Your negative deceleration should be 25...
...and your ground speed should be
355 and dropping.

The whole spectrum of technology
has been employed in Delos...

...for the vacationer's pleasure.
Expensive and unusual,
Delos is not for everyone.

But for those who choose it, it is truly
a unique and rewarding experience.