Since we opened the resort,
we had a failure and breakdown rate...

...conforming to computer predictions.
That is 0.3 malfunctions
for each 24-hour activation period...

...concurrent or not.
Now, this was an anticipated operations
aspect of the resort...

...and we were fully able to handle it.
The majority of the breakdowns
were minor or peripheral...

...until about six weeks ago.
Then Roman World had a rise
in breakdown rate...

...which doubled in a week.
In addition,
we saw a disproportionate rise...

...in central as opposed to
peripheral breakdowns.

Now, we identified some problems
with humidity control...

...and regained homeostasis.
Despite our corrections,
the breakdown rate continued to climb.

Then Medieval World began
to have trouble.

Now we're seeing
more Western World breakdowns.

And there's a clear pattern here
which suggests an analogy...

...to an infectious disease process
spreading from one resort area to the next.

Perhaps there are
superficial similarities to disease.

It's only a theoretical concept.
There are many ways to order that data.

I must confess,
I find it difficult to believe in...

...a disease of machinery.
We aren't dealing
with ordinary machines here.

These are highly complicated
pieces of equipment...

...almost as complicated
as living organisms.

In some cases, they've been designed
by other computers.

We don't know exactly how they work.
Okay, up gain 437...
I'm not getting sound pickup
from the tenth quadrant.

Okay, my telemetry is good.
Repeat, I have good telemetry.
We have sunrise at 0.43.
Ready on all quadrants.
Energize grid.
Grid energized.