Blazing Saddles

"I waged my money on the bobtail nag,
somebody bet on the bay!"

Am I wrong...
...or is the world rising?
I don't know, but whatever
it is, I hate it.

Let me ask you something.
What is it that's not exactly water,
and it's not exactly earth?

Oh, shit, quicksand!
Goddang, now we are in trouble!
They're in trouble!
Get your rope there.
Get over there quick.

Dang, that was lucky.
Doggone near lost a $400 hand cart.
Yeah, we can take it right off to the,
just a little bit to the left of that hill.

But we're going to die, Bart.
They're going to leave us here to die!

Take it easy, Charlie.
My foot is on the rail.

Then maybe down that canyon.
I think it's pretty level off there.

We can't swing back to the right
'cause of that hill there.

That looks like the way
we'll have to go from here.

Yes, we'll put her right down
through there over that ridge.

Well, boys, the break is over.
Don't just lay there getting a suntan.
Won't do you any good, anyhow!
Take that shovel and put
her to some good use!