Blazing Saddles

Monday. Splendid.
Thank you, sir.
And don't you worry.

We'll make Rock Ridge
think it's a chicken...

...that got caught in a tractor's nuts!
It's all right, Taggart. Just a man
and a horse being hung out there.

"There was a peaceful town
called Rock Ridge,

"... where people lived in harmony.
"They never had no kind of trouble.
"There was no hint of misery.
"The town saloon was always lively...
"... but never nasty or obscene.
"Behind the bar stood Anal Johnson.
"He always kept things nice and clean!
"And all at once the trouble started.
"A pack of murderers and thieves...
"... like swarms of locusts
they descended...

"... their aim to make
the townsfolk flee. "

Well, that's the end of this suit!