Effi Briest

and you conjure up pictures of the future.
The more colourful they are...
the lovelier and more desirable
they seem to you.

l became aware of that when we were
shopping for your honeymoon.

Now you think it would be wonderful...
to have a bedroom screen...
with all kinds of fabulous beasts on it...
and all lit by a dim red lamp.
lt seems like a fairy tale to you...
and you would like to be the princess.
Yes, Mama, that's how l am.
Yes, that's how you are.
l'm aware of that.
But, my dear Effi,
we have to tread warily in life...

especially we women.
Don't you love Geert?
Why shouldn't l love him?
l love Bertha,
l love Hulda, l love old Niemeyer...

and needless to say, l love you and Papa.
l love everyone
who's nice to me and spoils me.

Geert will spoil me, too.
He wants to buy me jewellery in Venice.
He doesn't know l don't care for jewellery.
l prefer to clamber around
and play on the swing...

fearing that something will break
and l'll fall...

but knowing it won't cost me my neck.
Do you love your cousin Briest?
Very much. He's always so amusing.
Would you have liked to marry him?
Good heavens, no!
He's hardly more than a boy.

Whereas Geert's a man...
a handsome man...
with whom l can cut a dash...
who will make a mark on the world.
-What entered your mind?
-You're right, Effi. l'm glad to hear it.

-But you have something else on your mind.

Tell me, then!