Yes, I'll hurry up.
Sure, you can come if you like.
No, neither Christian
or anyone else. Come alone.

All right. See you then.
Bye bye.

You'll be fine at 5 o'clock.
-Yes, but when one is alone...

One is never alone in life.
It's like on a boat:

Worries, love seem unreal.
Everything is allowed!
-Yes, but nothing is possible.

Lots of people fuck on airplanes.

I'd never dare!
-One must always dare.

But if what you say is true,
aren't you afraid she'll...

No, I didn't marry her to
deprive her of anything...

Nor to put her in a cage...
But because she loves to make
love and she's great at it!

And you don't think some people
would try and take advantage?

I'm not jealous, I say.
Jealousy is outdated.

See this girl?
All science and innocence.

But it's no miracle.
They all had to learn.

And they do anything you want?
-Even more. For the right price.

That's what bothers me.
I don't like paying for it.

The idea makes me go limp.
It's hardly that simple.