I've got something to tell you.
I've said it a thousand times,
but only to my husband.

Yes, I think I love Jean
as deeply as anyone could.

Yes, that's what I thought.
He has always said that love was the
search of pleasure, always further.

With either a man or a woman.
But now, I feel differently.
When I saw the cascade,
I thought, "How beautiful."

I felt it wasn't beautiful
unless I could tell the one I love.

Listen, I like you.
That means
that I don't want to hurt you.

But I don't love you.
All right?
It's not that bad.
Let me tell you a story.
One day, at school,
I made a flawless dictation.

I was proud.
The teacher accused me of cribbing
off somebody. She never believed

I was shattered.
For two whole days.

When my sorrow disappeared, I was
sad. Sad to be consoled so quickly.