Gekitotsu! Satsujin ken

I know you
We made it
I told you
Get in!
"despite all efforts by the police"
"to solve the mysterious kidnapping"

"apparently no trace has been found"
"of the prisoner or the ambulance"

"that was taking him to the hospital"
Is there any good on tv?
"it is not determined if it was"
"part of an organized plan"

"or a bizarre coincidence"
"meanwhile, eyewitness reports differ"
"as to the number of abductors or hijackers"

Those Idiots! hehe
"The motive for the incident"
"was to rescue the prisoner"

"who was scheduled to be executed"
"at 10 A.M. yesterday"

"police and prison authorities are puzzled"
"the dates and times of the execution"
"were not publicly known"

"and moreover"
"the hijackers would have no way of knowing"

"the prisoner had been taken by ambulance"
"and was taken to the hospital for emergency treatment"

My Chicken!
Lunch is ready
"escorted by police-escorte however"
It's a really delicious chicken,
America's failed roast

"the hijacking of an ambulance is as unlikely as the"
"explanation for the events that took place"

Not again, get me something else
Say HotShot, you should be grateful
I stand here all day sweating over a hot stowe

"only minutes after the ambulance left"
"the prison yesterday morning"

"the police are continuing their search"
"while prison officials promises a thorough investigation"

well, I'm stuck home
while you're out having fun

who do you think you're talking to?
Madame Butterfly?

"meanwhile on the international news"
"Jay Hammet, the Malaysian tocoon died in Kairo"

"president of the Berenara Oil Company, and said"
"to be the third largest oil-producer in the world"