Gekitotsu! Satsujin ken

Kendo, sorry,
your niese is waiting

Uncle, how are you?
Sarai, I'm sorry
I have news about your father.
He's dead, he died in Kairo

Oh no, it's not true
I just recieved a letter, saying that he was well
and that he'll see us next month

Poor father..
Sarai, you must fly home right away
I'll get your ticket
No-no, she won't go home
for the time being

Oh, but I must go
Sarai, I trust mr. Jadot,
he'll be coming to take you home

Now look Sarai
Look here
Jadot called to tell us
Your father wasn't all that well lately,
it was a stroke

You understand..
You inherit the Bernar Oil Company,
theres no doubt you allready know

Legally, I'd say there's absolutely
no question as to ownership

Only, you're going to be
surrounded by voltures