Gekitotsu! Satsujin ken

it's a little bit late to just get up and go
You bastard!
I see, so you're with the Yakuza
the notorious Hong Kong assassination ring
you get around it seems,
is Tokyo in your territory now?

rumor has it that you're backed
by subsidiary of the Mafia

they're behind the Yakuza
so Mutaguchi you're their representative here?
but our kind wont talk alot, we trust eachother
so good night, and thank you
Mutaguchi! better not
We must
I can't tell you how dangerous he is to us
since he knows our secret, he has to be killed
allright, but not here
Deo! take car of him

You better go faster!
get your legs higher!
higher and wider!
higher and wider!

and again!