Harry and Tonto

You got a home now, Pop.
Will you pass the salad, please?
He's nervous about
the new surroundings.

- It's just a matter of time, Pop.
- We have Brown Betty for dessert.

Fine, fine.
How about some Brown Betty, Norman, hmm?
- You can chew on that for a couple of weeks.
- Leave him alone, Burt.

All right. Okay.
Okay. Okay.
See you in a few minutes, kid.
Hope you like the vibes.
- Yeah, he's bothering me.
- I wish you would just eat your own food.

What is it supposed to do?
I don't know.

Listen, I've got as m- l-
I know as much about
political consciousness as Norman does.

- I just want a little respect.
- You'll be out of here soon enough.

- When I talk to him, I wanna get answers.
- He doesn't answer me.

- Why should he answer you?
- Because we're in the same generation, that's why!

What's the problem?
It's my brother, and he's insane.
That's the problem.

- I don't like that, Burt.
- Hey.

You may have noticed, Dad,
that Norman doesn't speak very much.