Hearts and Minds

You ever try to fight a battle
without any drawers on, man?

[Automatic Weapons Fire]
Awful sick of it.
I'll be so glad to go home.

I don't know. It's the worst area we've
been in since I've been in Vietnam.

You think it's worth it?
Yeah. I don't know. They say we're
fighting for something. I don't know.

I was at a very kind of
sobering thing last night.

Memorial service for four men
in the second squadron...

who were killed the other day.
One of them being a medic.
And, uh, the place was just packed.
And we sang three hymns
and had a nice prayer.

I turned around, looked at their faces,
and they were--

I was just proud.
My-My, uh, feeling for America...

just soared because of their--
The way they looked.
They looked determined...

and-and-and reverent
at the same time.

But still they're
a bloody good bunch of killers.

[Man] "When you go forth to war
against your enemies...

and see horses and chariots
in an army larger than your own,

you shall not be afraid. "
Well, let"s not anybody
be so naive as to think we"re here,

in any way,
to worship football.

Nor are we here,
as I'm sure many people believe,

to pray for a victory.
We believe in victory.
We believe it will come to the team
that's best prepared.

This is serious business
that we"re involved in.

And that"s religious,
and God cares.

There are going to be men made tonight.
And that's religious,
and God cares about that.

We're concerned about the big game.
But we're also concerned
about the bigger game,