Hearts and Minds

Hurry up down that tunnel.

Let"s make a quick check and let"s go.
Okay, well, hurry it up
and check it out quickly.

Some people enjoy it,
some don't.

Some just go out and do it as a job.
It's a daily grind.

-[Man] What is it for you?
- I enjoy it.

Now I know that he will have a very
important message for each one of us,

so I want you all
to listen very attentively...

to what he has to say to you.
- Lieutenant Coker.
- If you ever have to go to a war,

and unfortunately, someday
you probably will have to fight a war,

you'll find out
that life becomes very simple.

Because the only thing you're
concerned about is living and dying.

Everything else is unimportant,
because suddenly
your life is at stake.