Hearts and Minds

And the less I know,
the better off I'll be.

It has not affected me a whole lot.
I mean, the American--
The way of life is still here.

And if you work for it,
it's there for you.

We're taught that we're
to obey our government,

and I would have to go
if I was instructed to.

Once in a while,
I think about it,

but I like to think about the things
that are happening right now to me.

I don't it's affected mine at all.
I don't even know who we're fighting for
over there, to be real honest with you.

I think we're fighting
for the North Vietnamese, ain't we?

[Speaking Vietnamese]
[Translator] I fled from Dau Tien
to go live in Suoi Dua.

Then I was allowed to go back,
and I went back...

and stayed in Ben Chua.
While I was in Ben Chua,
trouble broke out again.

So I was taken up to Co Tach.
I was picked up again
and sent to Ben Chua...

to be lumped together
with the others.

My house burned down
while I was away.

Once more,
I got sent to Co Tach.

I"ve fled five, six,
at least seven times already.

The lives of my countrymen
are worth no more than that of a fly.

You take it and swat it dead...
just like that.
[Laughing, Chattering]
[Speaking Vietnamese]