Idi Amin Dada

Even France...
French volunteer...
they are welcome also.

But I welcome, I welcome
any volunteer all over the world.

Even Japanese, even Vietnamese...
are there in these squadrons.
But they are now in training.
They are undergoing training now
three months.

This is the pilot.
[Chattering, Applause]
Then go to the Middle East
and visit the war...

see how they are fighting
and encourage them to fight.

This was my decision.
And I enjoy it very much...
having breakfast with
some Syrians and Iraqi...

breakfast in the tanks.
I was very happy.
In October, while I was there,
I was visiting troops. I had my troops.

You had some soldiers up there?

- [Amin] I had the navy, yes.
- Navy?

- Yes. In Alexandria.
- Navy?

- [Man] But you don't have navy...
- We have trained.

- Ah, really?
- Yes.

This is our secret weapon
in Lake Victoria.

Marine. Frogmen I think is very good.
In '67,you were on the Suez Canal?

Yes, yes. But you see, I am only one
who has been in both sides.

During the '67 war,
I was in Suez Canal, on the other side.

And now I am in the Suez Canal
in the other side. I like very much.

First, the armored,