Mr. Majestyk

- $3 worth. That's all you want?
- Yeah.

And if you're not too busy,
you can wipe the bugs off the windshield.

Bob Santos.
Ambrocio Verraras.
Luis Ortegas.
Have you picked melons before?
Luis? All his life.
- He was born in a melon field.
- Okay.

Hey, Larry, what about me?
Vincent, we got 30.
Do we need any more than that?

If he's got some who'll work for nothing.
Man, you're sure tight with the dollar.
You squeeze it to death.

We're paying a $1.40 an hour, 10-hour day.
And don't you shortchange me.
Hey, man, I take my percent.
I don't need to cheat them.

Larry's going along. If he finds anybody
hasn't slipped melons, they come back.

And for them, I don't pay.
Man, I never give you no bums.
- All these people are experts.
- Yeah, I know.