Mr. Majestyk

Hey, Julio...
what the hell is the problem?
Vince, will you listen to me?
I got to work for a living.
I can't do it from no damn hospital,
you understand?

Okay. This I understand.
Next season, okay, amigo?
If he's still around.
Hey, I hear you're looking for a crew.
Maybe I could get you some winos.

Maybe I can fix it
so you'll never smile again.

Touch me, you'll be back in jail before noon.
Hey, why did you drop the complaint?
I'm being a good neighbor.
And you think I'm pulling something?
Now, why would you think that?
Seeing me lose my crop?
You know, I think you're mixed up.
Standing there in deep shit...
and all you're worried about
is your melon crop.

You've been talking to somebody?
- Yeah, who you got in mind?
- He get you to drop the complaint?

I'm tired of talking to you.
But I'll tell you one thing.
Somebody's gonna set your ass on fire,
and I'm gonna be there to watch.

Real nice, bigmouth. Real nice.
I had to give him one.
The son of a bitch.