Phantom of the Paradise

-Mr. Leach?

My name's Arnold Philbin.
I scout talent for Swan.
He's interested in your stuff.

-The Swan?
-That's right.

-He said your song could be big.

I was right there.
If he produced my music,
the world would listen.

The game plan exactly,
but you need a lot of work, polishing.

I know. I have a long way to go.
-Do you have any tapes of your stuff?
-No, but it's all written down here.

-Give us two or three good up numbers.
-Two or three?

This cantata is 200 or 300 pages,
and I haven't finished yet.

Forget the sonata.
We just want the songs.

-lt's not just songs. It's much more.
-I don't get you.

It's a whole series of songs
that tell a story of Faust.

-Who? What label's he on?
-He was a legendary German magician.

He sold his soul to the devil
for worldly power.

What is this, kid? School time?
A song is a song.
You either dig it, or you don't.

Now, I like your stuff, kid.
It's terrific. And you know what?

I think the Juicy Fruits will dig it.
I'm not promising anything. First...
I won't let my music be mutilated
by those greaseballs!

-Only I can sing Faust!
-lt was just an idea.

Swan makes all these decisions,
you know?

I'm sorry. It's just that
I worked so hard on this thing.